This is a Beginners – Level 1 course.

Duration 10 weeks.




Learn to code with Loopie, our coding robot! Your child will learn to code in Python, which is an easy to learn, yet widely used coding language. Children will learn basic coding concepts such as algorithms, variables, printing, debugging, input command, and conditional if-else structure. Python will help with learning other coding languages in the future and is full of positive “Oh, this is how it works!” discovery moments.

This course is in English.

This level 1 beginners club is suitable for children 7-16 years of age who can comfortably use computers. Kindly ensure the club is suitable for your child and your computer before booking. Find more information about different levels here.


DATE & TIME- Club runs on Fridays 18:00 (UTC+0). Duration is 10 weeks  23.9. – 2.12.2022  (No club on autumn break 28.10.).  After the beginners course your child can move on to level 2 course which will become available to book in December.

Time zone specific times:

  • 18:00 (UTC+0) UK, Ireland, Portugal
  • 19:00 (UTC+1) Central Europe, Scandinavia
  • 20:00 (UTC+2) Suomi-Finland, Eastern Europe

DURATION- 50-60 min weekly.


  • Coding promotes logical thinking.
  • Improves maths skills and grammar.
  • Practises discipline and precision.
  • Future proof your child’s skillset.
  • It’s fun!

Our classes are designed so that children can learn without their parents. Parents can support children if they face issues, but otherwise we encourage parents to leave children to learn independently.

SETTING UP is easy. Lessons are run via our integrated learning environment OLIO, which has a Zoom video link and code editor.

Access code to OLIO classroom will be sent by email a week prior to start of club. If you do not receive these instructions by then, please check your spam folder first. Contact us promptly if you still can’t find it and we’ll help you to set up. You can also find the download instructions HERE.